What Should You Look for in a Condo Manager?

What should you look for in a condo manager?

When it’s time to renew, be sure you know what to shop for. Here are 5 things we recommend condo boards look for for when signing with a condo manager.

1. Responsive Property Management and Care

Look for a condo manager who’s on top of maintenance & repairs, protecting your community from wear and harsh weather conditions.

(Also look for an after-hours emergency line answered by a real person.)

2. Organized Administrative Support

Get a condo manager who takes care of all that paperwork, so your board can focus on strategic goals.

3. Clear Communications

Your condo manager should be easy to reach and stay on top of communications and engagement with your board and condo community.

4. Efficient Planning & Capital Projects

Get a manager with dedicated strategic planning & capital project management experience — so you can avoid costly oversights and delays.

Learn more about the bid process and how to find great contractors. 

5. Expert Accounting & Financial Management

You’ll breathe easy if your books are in good hands. Get a condo manager with financial expertise who can offer complete accounting services.

With Sean Hearn’s 18-year background in corporate finance, you can be sure your financials are in good hands with Fort Management. (Find out more about Sean here!)

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